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There are many experiments in this field that have brought science closer to the abyss of mystery and paradox. Physicists themselves are divided into two factions: those who accept the unknown and the paradox, those who reject it and fight it strenuously. This is not the right place to delve into the technical aspects of the question, what I want to highlight is that this is precisely the field in which physics and metaphysics are finding points in common.

Some very famous experiments (Double Slit, Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Effect, Schrodinger's Cat) have led to the production of new theories which highlight that:

- matter is made up of energy waves

- energy patterns are conscious

- man's consciousness would seem to be able to collapse wave functions and influence reality

- in the universe there is no separation but everything is connected

- reality is different from how it appears to us because we are limited by perceptive and cognitive filters. It is therefore an illusion.

Everything that surrounds us, ourselves, are therefore made of energy, which behaves differently depending on the speed of vibration.

The point that most interests us in our work is knowing that the consciousness of the observer creates changes in the observed system . This means that just observing a dynamic, a symptom, a conflict, an interrupted movement leads to changes in the system itself. What happens is not under the strict control of the rational mind of the observer, but of something much larger and more complex.

We therefore need an attitude of total trust in the Field (universe, life, God... let's call it what we want), because it is an intelligent and conscious field, which knows how to move.

By adopting this attitude we often witness extraordinary, almost miraculous events, including healings.

Remaining in the educational field, think about what impact the change of observer can have on a class system, a group system, a child system. I know subjects who were reborn when the gaze on them changed, when information and healing phrases were introduced.

The very approach that makes us see the subject as a soul inevitably changes the view on what a disorder is, what a symptom is, what it means to educate.

There are many techniques for working with the quantum field and when science also comes to define the essence of this universal matrix with its methods, miracles will have a scientific explanation, so everyone, finally, will be able to sleep peacefully!

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